There are two types of Asbestos Surveys available for our domestic and commercial clients:-

Avanti will locate as far as reasonably practicable, the presence and extent of any suspect Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in your home or building which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy. The condition of the damaged or disturbed asbestos will be determined via a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis and reporting.

Asbestos Testing for Licensed Works

Following asbestos removal, premises must be assessed to determine whether they are thoroughly clean and fit for reoccupation (or, as appropriate, demolition). Avanti have long standing relationships in place with various independent consultancies who are accredited by UKAS to ensure all air monitoring complies with the ISO17025 standard in order to carry out this process.

Four-stage clearance is the process carried out by these UKAS accredited consultancies following the removal of asbestos. A visual inspection must be conducted to ensure that the area has been cleaned to a satisfactory standard and is suitable for re-occupation. Clearance air monitoring is then conducted inside the enclosure to check that airborne fibre levels are below the recommended limit. Once satisfactory results are achieved Avanti will issue a certificate of re-occupation.

There are four stages to the site certification for reoccupation procedure (in accordance with HSE guidance note HSG 248):


Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness


A thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure/work area


Air monitoring


Final assessment post-enclosure/work area dismantling

Our services extend to commercial, industrial and domestic buildings in both the private and public sectors.

  • Background Monitoring – This is usually used to check that airborne fibre levels are below the recommended limit of quantification prior to works commence, typically during minor remedial works.
  • Leak (enclosure check) Monitoring –While asbestos removal works are in progress, air samples are measured outside the working enclosure to assess the enclosure integrity.
  • Personal compliance Monitoring – This air test is used to ensure that the control measures inside the enclosure are appropriate for the level of respiratory protective equipment (RPE), which is being worn by an operative during asbestos removal.
  • Clearance air monitoring – Carried out as stage 3: (Air monitoring) of the certificate of reoccupation process, upon satisfactory completion of stage 1: (Preliminary check of site condition and job completeness) & Stage 2: (A thorough visual inspection inside the enclosure/work area).
  • Reassurance Monitoring – This test may be conducted in certain circumstances – for example when an enclosure has been removed on completion of asbestos remedial works.

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