Asbestos Contractors London

Asbestos Contractors London

Busy Times for Asbestos Contractors London

Managing London asbestos removals is keeping the Avanti team pretty busy at the moment. We answer daily enquiries on a range of issues including:

  • the discovery of asbestos in the home
  • the discovery of asbestos in public spaces
  • queries around the danger asbestos poses
  • requests for London asbestos removals

Despite being banned for use in building materials back in 1999, the UK’s capital is still struggling with its legacy. Throughout the 20th century asbestos was widely used in London construction because of its insulating and fire-resistant properties. The majority of ceiling, floor and roofing tiles were made with asbestos right up till the 1980s.

Why are London Asbestos Removals Necessary?

Asbestos fibres become dangerous to human health when they become airborne as a result of disturbance. Once the airborne fibres are breathed in, the body is unable to destroy them once they’re lodged in the lungs or in body tissue. This can lead, in the long term, to severe respiratory diseases including lung cancer. The Health and Safety Executive estimates that there are around 2,500 deaths each year from mesothelioma cancer alone.

What To Do If You Find Asbestos?

There are numerous famous sites in London where asbestos has been discovered, investigated and made safe. As asbestos contractors for London this is a major part of our daily work and it’s crucial to the ongoing safety of the public. If you are worried that a building you work in contains asbestos, you should report it to your HSE representative. If you disturb or discover asbestos on premises you own, you will need to contact an HSE licensed asbestos removal company.

London Asbestos Testing and Surveys

Once we’re alerted to the presence of asbestos, it’s crucial that we quickly assess the condition of the material, its location, and the concentration of airborne fibres in the environment. Testing is carried out by HSE licensed contractors and samples are analysed at UKAS accredited laboratories. Should asbestos removals be required, we will carry out further testing to ensure the safety of the environment once the site is cleared.

London Asbestos Removals

Asbestos is most often disturbed as a result of renovation, refurbishment, repairs or DIY work. In commercial environments a detailed risk assessment should be carried out prior to any work that might expose or damage existing asbestos. At home it’s more likely that asbestos will be discovered by accident. Whilst it’s not illegal to try and deal with domestic asbestos yourself, we would always recommend that you contact an asbestos removal company.

Avanti has over 20 years’ experience in identifying and safely removing asbestos from industrial, commercial and domestic sites. Following a survey, we seal off the area where the asbestos has been discovered to ensure the fibres are contained. We then remove, or make safe the material, and transport it to a licensed asbestos disposal landfill site. The environment is then tested to make sure the air is safe to breathe.

If you require asbestos contractors London for surveys, testing, or asbestos removal from your premises, call us today on 0333 3355974 and we’ll talk through the process with you.


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