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Avanti Asbestos Removal is one of the premier fully licensed by HSE contractor offering Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Surveying, Sampling & Testing as well as Asbestos Collection & Disposal services across the UK. Our staff are fully trained and all the works are carried out in accordance with HSE guidance and Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. We have experience of working within the industry and are able to offer quick and professional services at competitive rates.

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Licensed Asbestos Removal

Licensed Asbestos Removal is high risk work where Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) have a higher chance of elevated fibre release, are friable or in poor condition. This means the work to be conducted will likely result in asbestos fibres being released into the air causing a danger. Therefore this work needs to be undertaken by a HSE licenced asbestos removal contractor and notified to the HSE 14 days before work can begin – this can be done via their web portal e-form known as an ASB5 

If the activity is licensable, a licence is required if you are working with asbestos as an ‘asbestos contractor’ on someone else’s premises, or within your own premises using your own employees.

Licensing Regulations

Failure to recognise and adhere to licensing regulations can result in severe consequences. Licensed asbestos is typically found within insulation products such as pipe insulation or insulation boards.

Other examples of where licensed asbestos removal could be required:

  • Removal of sprayed coatings (limpet asbestos)
  • Removal or other work which may disturb pipe lagging
  • Work involving loose fill insulation
  • Work on asbestos millboard
  • Cleaning up significant quantities of loose / fine debris containing ACM dust (where the control limit will be exceeded, or it is not short duration work)

Avanti holds the maximum 3-year license issued by the HSE

What it means to be a Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

Whilst all asbestos removals require relevantly trained and insured asbestos contractors, some can simply be conducted by a non-licensed asbestos removal contractor. These works, however, are limited to products which are presumed to create low exposure during the removal (providing that the removal method is safe, and the right equipment is used on-site). Licensed asbestos removal works will require a professional contractor, fully licensed by a government body known as the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). Main advantages of using a licensed contractor such as Avanti Group are as follows:

  • We can undertake works with any asbestos type
  • All our staff attend professional Operative, Supervisor or Manager training with the relevant industry-accredited certificates issued upon completion. Our knowledge of the industry is of the highest level due to constant improvement, additional training, and further education to meet and exceed the required industry standards:
  • We own all our professional equipment, often worth thousands of pounds. This enables us to work with all types of asbestos without the need of hiring. Our equipment is carefully maintained, checked, and certified every 6 months.
  • Hazardous waste produced on our sites is always disposed of at a licensed landfill and certified.
  • Our works are regularly monitored and reviewed on weekly basis either by Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA), HSE or other professional bodies as well as our Internal auditors. This way we ensure our removal methods are safe not only for our staff but also for our clients and the quality of work we provide is of top standards.

On top of that, we are proud members of many industry-based associations, such as ARCA, CHAS, Safe contractor, SMAS working safely and Construction Line Gold.

You can rest assured that even smallest of projects are conducted to the highest standard.

NON-Licensed Asbestos Removal

Non- Licensed Asbestos Removal is also known as NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work). This work is mainly for less hazardous Asbestos-Containing Materials (ACMs) where you are knowingly going to break the material containing asbestos to remove it. In this instance, you still need to notify to the HSE, but this can be done on the same day via the HSE web portal. A RAMS (Risk Assessment Method Statement or Plan of Work) still needs to be produced for these works and site operatives still require the correct level of training.


This work does not require a licensed contractor, but all contractors must satisfy the following from 30 April 2015:

  • All workers conducting NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work) projects will need to have had a medical examination (chest and a lung function test)
  • Operatives conducting NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work) must be able to demonstrate competency
  • Employers need to keep a register (health record – including the nature and duration of work) for 40 years of NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work) with asbestos for each employee exposed to asbestos.

However, …

NNLW (Notifiable Non-Licenced Work) can also cover some substantial risk licensed asbestos removal work that is carried over a short duration.

Asbestos-containing materials, including cement sheets and floor tiles, will be non-licensed when they are kept in good condition. However, some types may become more friable when they are worked on, and this will require the appropriate regulatory body to be informed. This would then be classed as NNLW.

Products which are usually considered non-licensed include

  • asbestos cement
  • asbestos textured coatings
  • asbestos floor tiles
  • asbestos textiles
  • asbestos composites

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