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A Guide to Asbestos in Plaster Walls

Small or Large-Scale Contamination Projects

Avanti Group Limited have the capabilities and experience to remove asbestos contaminated soil on large and small-scale remediation projects.

We have worked on many different sites these include city centre regeneration, housing development and industrial brownfield remediation.

Our processes will start by identifying the risk and volume of contamination by soil sampling, after consultation with the customer and other parties a plan of action will be implemented to evaluate a cost and duration of the work.

We will endeavour to work with you to develop a remediation solution that will meet your objectives, budget and aims to reducing the environmental impact to local business and communities.

Asbestos in Soils & Demolition Materials

An increasingly common legacy of former industrial sites is the presence of asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) deposited or dispersed within made ground, resulting in asbestos contaminated soils (ACS) present in the ground.  This problem is often exacerbated by poorly controlled demolition practices, resulting in ACM fragments becoming spread across the site surface and/or throughout crushed materials.  The presence of ACM’s and ACS can result in significant potential liabilities, programme delays and escalating costs for landowners and developers.

Avanti Group Limited has significant experience in adopting pragmatic, robust yet cost-effective solutions for asbestos contaminated sites, fully in compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012 and relevant waste management legislation.  Through careful planning of pre-treatment and materials management requirements, the volumes of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes removed off-site can be minimised.

Works are conducted by Avanti trained staff under a Notifiable Non-Licensable Works (NNLW) Notification, or, where higher risk ACMs are encountered, works will be subject to a 14-day notification (ASB5) to the HSE. The following sustainable and cost-effective remedial measures are routinely carried out by Avanti Group Limited:

  • Selective excavation, sorting and in-situ manual picking of ACM fragments.
  • Screening and manual picking of ACM fragments, in an enclosed picking station for larger quantities of material.
  • Stabilisation and / or encapsulation of ACS to minimise the potential for residual fibre release.
  • Stringent environmental monitoring and controls, including fine-mist (virtual enclosure) suppression systems, reassurance air testing and scanning electron microscopy analysis to confirm airborne fibre concentrations are below HSE control limits as well as environmental background levels.

All Avanti staff working with asbestos are licensed/Notifiable non-licensed work trained and have regular medicals and respirator face-fitting to ensure compliance with CAR2012.

“The service that has been delivered by Avanti is unrivalled, and as a result our reliability on Avanti has resulted in them being our preferred supplier of all future land remediation projects.”
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