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Earlier this year an Essex restaurant owner was fined for exposing his employees to asbestos fibres.

He commissioned the removal of a number of insulating boards. The boards were broken up and stored on the premises without an asbestos survey being carried out. The problem came to light when an asbestos survey was eventually carried out – but only after the harm had already been done.

“Those in control of works have a responsibility to manage the risks from asbestos in non-domestic premises. To achieve this the duty holder must ensure that a suitable and sufficient assessment is carried out as to whether asbestos is or is liable to be present in the premises.” David King, HSE Inspector

Asbestos Surveys in Colchester

Asbestos was used extensively as insulating material in commercial builds throughout the 20th century. It wasn’t until the 1950s that research into the health hazards of breathing in asbestos became widely known. Half a century later it was banned from use in the UK. Any building that was built prior to 2000, therefore, is likely to contain Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

Business owners or building managers working in pre-21st century buildings are legally responsible to ascertain whether asbestos is present in the building, and to manage the risk it represents.

This involves a 4 step process:

  1. Have an asbestos survey carried out. This is a visual, non-intrusive inspection of your premises by asbestos specialists.
  2. Create a risk register. If asbestos is discovered but is not considered an immediate threat, it should be entered on a risk register, and assessed regularly.
  3. Refurbishment and demolition survey. If major works are planned, it’s a legal requirement to carry out a thorough survey. This is an invasive inspection of the building fabric and plant.
  4. Asbestos removal. If asbestos is discovered, it will need to be removed by a professional, HSE licensed asbestos removals company.

Professional Asbestos Removal in Colchester

The consequences of exposing employees to asbestos fibres could be fatal, which is why proactive management of this hazardous material is so important. The HSE reports that there are currently 5,000 deaths each year as a result of asbestos exposure (mainly during the 20th century) and it’s not expected that this figure will start to decrease until 2025.

Commercial asbestos removal has to be carried out by HSE licensed professionals. The removal site is completely sealed off, and air monitoring tests check that the seal remains effective throughout. Once the asbestos has been disposed of safely, the site is inspected again, and air monitoring has to adhere to European standards before the site is unsealed.

Working with Avanti Asbestos Removals

We know that testing for asbestos can be worrying, so we always respond to queries promptly. Once the survey is complete, we’ll get the report to you as quickly as possible. The Avanti team are trained to industry standards and have extensive experience in the management and removal of asbestos.

Looking for asbestos removal in Colchester? Avanti is a local HSE approved asbestos removals and management company. Call us on0333 3355974


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