Asbestos Survey Bolton

Avanti offers asbestos surveys and HSE licensed asbestos removals in Bolton and across Greater Manchester. To book a domestic or commercial survey, call us on 0333 3355974.

Management and R&D asbestos surveys are available to commercial and domestic clients in Bolton:

Asbestos Testing in Bolton for Licensed Removals

Asbestos Testing in Bolton for Licensed Removals

When asbestos is removed, the air inside, and external to the site, must be tested to ensure compliance with European standards. Avanti works with UKAS accredited consultancies who carry out air monitoring and testing process to ensure compliance with the ISO17025 standard.

Four-stage clearance subsequent to asbestos removal in Bolton is the required process of air monitoring, in accordance with HSE guidance note HSG 248.


The site is checked in order to ascertain that the all the asbestos has been removed, and the work has been completed satisfactorily.


A visual inspection checks the state in which the work enclosure has been left after the removal. It should be clean, and ready for re-occupation.


Next, air monitoring is carried out inside the work enclosure, in order to test whether the density of asbestos fibres remaining in the air complies with European recommended limits.


Once the air meets the required standards, a certificate of re-occupation can be issued. The location can now be accessed safely, and the work enclosure is removed.

Avanti provides asbestos removals, air monitoring and asbestos surveys for Bolton clients in commercial and domestic settings.

  • Background Air Monitoring – This provides confirmation that the air within the work enclosure meets the European standards for safety.
  • Leak (enclosure check) Monitoring – Whilst asbestos removals are taking place, air samples are taken outside the work enclosure to test for leaks.
  • Personal Compliance Monitoring – PCM checks that the control measures inside the enclosure are appropriate for the level of RPE (respiratory protective equipment), being worn during the asbestos removals.
  • Clearance air monitoring – Checking whether the air post removal complies with the recommended limits.
  • Reassurance Monitoring – As the name suggests, this is monitoring after a work enclosure has been removed, to double-check the safety of the environment.

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