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The news provides us with constant reminders that, despite asbestos being banned for use in 1999, it’s legacy lives on. On 3rd May 2019 a major blaze broke out at the Strachen & Henshaw Building, in Speedwell. As the dramatic fire took hold, a warning was issued to Speedwell residents to keep their windows and doors closed. There were concerns that asbestos used in the building materials might be carried by the smoke into people’s homes.

The workshop at the heart of the blaze was constructed pre-2000, so there was every chance that ACMs (asbestos containing materials) could be released in the air. Excellent advice was offered to Bristol Post readers, should they find ash inside their homes, or on their plants or windscreens. Additionally, Bristol City Council pledged to remove any hazardous debris following the fire.

Alerting People to the Dangers of Asbestos

Events like this help to keep the danger posed by asbestos at the forefront of people’s minds. It’s all to easy to think that the problem’s solved whilst, in reality it continues to kill more workers each year than die in road traffic accidents. It’s regularly referred to as the invisible killer, because it can be present in your home or workplace without you knowing it.

Avanti Asbestos Removals offers a range of asbestos surveys in Bristol to give homeowners and building managers or owners, peace of mind. After all, if you know where the danger is, you’re one step towards being able to either manage, or eradicate it.

Domestic Asbestos Surveys

When buying and selling property it’s important to know whether or not the property contains asbestos. Why? Because if it does, there may be remedial work, or asbestos removals, required in the future. If you live in a property that was built prior to 2000, there’s a good chance that asbestos was used in its construction.

Avanti domestic asbestos testing involves a detailed inspection of all the surfaces in your home. It’s non-intrusive, so there’s no repair work needed afterwards. It’s followed up with a detailed report of all the places in the property that could potentially contain asbestos. For a more detailed analysis, samples can be taken and analysed in lab conditions.

Asbestos testing isn’t compulsory for buyers or sellers, but either party can request an asbestos survey.

Commercial Asbestos Surveys

If you own, or manage a commercial building that was constructed prior to 2000, you are legally required to carry out asbestos management testing. In the same way, if you plan any major refurbishment, or demolition works, you are required to carry out an R&D survey first. The R&D survey is fully intrusive, requiring access to every part of the building, whereas the management survey is a detailed inspection of the building’s surfaces and plant.

The aim of the management survey is to ascertain whether asbestos is present in the building. If it is, Avanti can help to draw up a plan for the safe management of existing ACMs. The refurbishment and demolition survey locates the precise location of ACMs and facilitates their safe removal, to minimise the risk of airborne fibres entering the environment.

If you need asbestos testing in Bristol, or asbestos removals, call Avanti on0333 3355974. We’re HSE accredited asbestos specialists who can provide you with prompt, efficient solutions


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