Asbestos Testing in London

Asbestos Testing in London

Avanti Provides Asbestos Testing in London

Whatever the UK town or city you live in, if your home or workplace dates back to the first half of the twentieth century, it’s likely that asbestos was used in its construction. Research shows that around 50% of Britain’s housing stock still contains asbestos derivatives such as fireplaces cement, pipes, insulation, fire retardant coatings, or roofing. The health hazards associated with asbestos, which are now widely known, impact only when asbestos is disturbed – for refurbishment, or conversions – but a number of our clients have been testing for asbestos in London, in order to update the risk assessment on their property.

Skilled and Trustworthy Asbestos Testing in London

If you are planning work on your property and you need to know whether there is asbestos contained within the structure of the building, it’s important that you use an experienced HSE licensed asbestos tester with an excellent track record. Avanti provides HSE accredited third party consultants who can undertake asbestos testing in London in two ways:

  1. Asbestos sample testing in London – if you already suspect, or know where asbestos has been used in your building, our third party consultants will take a small sample from that area back to their labs for analysis.
  2. Asbestos surveys in London – our third party consultants will locate, as far as is practically possible, the extent of asbestos materials in your home, or business, that could be disturbed during normal occupancy. Any damaged or disturbed asbestos will be sent to their labs for analysis and reporting.

Asbestos Testing in London for Peace of Mind

Asbestos becomes dangerous only when it’s unmanaged. It’s the aim of our asbestos specialists in London to help with testing for asbestos as a safeguard against danger. Once we know the extent of the asbestos use within a building, we will work with the owner, landlord or manager to clear any immediately hazardous areas, and monitor dormant asbestos to ensure that it remains undisturbed and undamaged. Knowing that your building has been tested, and that a plan is in place for asbestos management and risk assessment, gives our London clients peace of mind and ensures the safety of the building’s residents.

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