Asbestos Testing Northampton

Asbestos Testing Northampton

Amianto Offers Testing for Asbestos in Northampton

Asbestos is now considered a highly dangerous substance, so much so that it was banned from use on construction sites in 1999. This doesn’t, however, mean that the danger of asbestos inhalation has disappeared. Throughout the 20th century asbestos was a readily available insulating material which was used extensively across a huge range of buildings. We’re still dealing with the ACMs (Asbestos Containing Materials) in older buildings that are still occupied.

A recent example came to light in Northampton earlier in the year. Local residents in Phippsville reported a suspected asbestos dump close to Cedar Road Primary School. Black bags containing material that looked like asbestos were investigated promptly by Northampton Borough Council and removal was arranged. There was concern, however, that children could have had access to this hazardous material.

Asbestos Services in Northampton

Amianto provides a range of local Northampton asbestos services, in order to avoid the illegal dumping of dangerous material. We will survey properties built prior to 1999 in order to ascertain whether there is a risk of asbestos. If there is, we’ll send samples of suspected ACMs to UKAS accredited labs for confirmation. Amianto is a licensed asbestos removal company, which incorporates the safe disposal of all asbestos materials.

A Range of Asbestos Surveys in Northampton

There are different asbestos regulations operating in the domestic and commercial sectors. For this reason we offer a range of asbestos surveys to our Northampton clients:

  • Domestic Asbestos Survey. We carry out a number of surveys on behalf of homebuyers. If they’re buying an older property, it’s important to know whether it contains ACMs. For homeowners, any major DIY or refurbishment of older properties should be preceded with one of our non-intrusive domestic asbestos surveys.
  • Commercial Asbestos Survey. Workplaces located in older premises are required by law to carry out an asbestos survey. Should we find ACMs, we’ll designate them as ‘inert’ or ‘high risk’, dependent on their condition, and whether they’ve been disturbed. Inert ACMs need to be subject to ongoing management. High risk asbestos has to be removed.
  •  Refurbishment & Demolition Survey. Where commercial refurbishment or demolition is planned, an R&D survey is a legal requirement. Amianto surveyors carry out an aggressive investigation of the building fabric to locate ACMs. If asbestos is located, it will need to be removed prior to major works.

Northampton Asbestos Removals

If asbestos removal is required subsequent to testing, an HSE licensed asbestos removals company will carry out the work. This requires the site to be comprehensively sealed throughout the removal process. Air monitoring is carried out throughout the operation. The site will not be considered safe until a full inspection has been carried out, and post-removal air monitoring has been completed.

About Amianto

We’re a local asbestos removals company committed to the safe testing, removal and disposal of ACMs. Our skilled and experienced team use state-of-the-art technology for the removal of asbestos, and we work with accredited 3rd parties to deliver a range of asbestos surveys. The services we provide all comply with UK legislation and HSE approved codes of practice.

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