Domestic Asbestos Removal in St Albans

Domestic Asbestos Removal in St Albans

Providing Domestic Asbestos Removal in St Albans

St Albans is a contemporary city with a Roman heritage, and remnants of its glorious past exist in the form of an amphitheatre, parts of the city wall, and numerous Roman artefacts housed in the local museum.

The Romans would have been using asbestos in their buildings back in the second century AD when this extraordinary mineral was highly valued for its strength, sound absorption, and insulating qualities. We have continued to build with asbestos ever since the Romans, and it was only in 1999 that it was banned because of the harm it can cause to the lungs once inhaled. Throughout the 21st century Avanti has been working on St Albans asbestos removals for domestic residents.

Why Domestic Asbestos Removal in St Albans is Important

Between 1930-1980 asbestos was commonly used as a house building material, its legacy can be found in pipes, garage roofs, floor tiles and cold-water storage tanks. If left undisturbed it is unlikely to cause a problem, however if a refurbishment project or a house conversion exposes the asbestos there is a danger that its microscopic fibres could become airborne which is where inhalation can lead to serious lung-related diseases. Very often Avanti asbestos removals company is called in to survey a property before any building work commences; if we discover its presence our highly experienced team can manage home asbestos removals for you.

Professional Domestic Asbestos Removal in St Albans

Based locally in Hertfordshire, Avanti has over twenty years of experience as leading HSE licensed St Albans asbestos contractors. Our dedicated team is highly skilled in safe home asbestos removals and is committed to limiting the damage that can be done to both people and the environment as a result of asbestos exposure and asbestos fibre disturbance. Every member of our team understands the need to work sensitively with households whose lives are disrupted by the asbestos removal process, we also offer expert advice and guidance to families going through this process.

If you’re looking for Domestic Asbestos Removal in St Albans, call us today on 0333 3355974. We’re worked with clients in; Sandridge, London Colney, Abbots Langley, Hemel Hempstead, Redbourn and Radlett and elsewhere

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