Asbestos is an incredibly hazardous substance that causes serious ill-health to anyone who disturbs it. For this reason, anyone who is likely to disturb asbestos in their work must have an awareness of the correct health and safety procedures to follow.

Who should be trained?

The course is targeted at Employees whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos, in particular those in the refurbishment, maintenance and allied trades.

  • demolition workers; construction workers;
  • general maintenance staff; electricians;
  • plumbers; gas fitters;
  • painters and decorators; joiners;
  • shop fitters; plasterers;
  • roofers; heating and ventilation engineers;
  • telecommunication engineers; computer and data installers;
  • fire and burglar alarm installers; architects, building surveyors and other  such professionals.

Asbestos Awareness (Category A) training helps workers to understand the risks associated with the material so that they can avoid work that may disturb asbestos. A accredited Asbestos Awareness course provides a comprehensive introduction to the dangers of working with asbestos and helps employers to comply with the law by ensuring that their workers are appropriately trained in order to work safely.

Did you know?

Asbestos awareness training is required to be given to employees whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos as stated in Regulation 10 (Information, Instruction & Training) of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Asbestos Awareness Training Facts

  • Asbestos is the number one killer in the workplace
  • Increased exposure leads to increased risk of disease
  • Approximately 5000 people will die of asbestos related illnesses in the UK this year
  • Building and allied trades are most at risk
  • Around 20 tradespeople die each week in the UK from previous exposure to asbestos
  • It is estimated that 500,000 buildings still contain asbestos
  • There are over 3500 known Asbestos Containing Products.

Asbestos Awareness Training – Venues and Costs

Locations nationwide – please contact us for further details –

The course can also be held at your own premises; the maximum number of delegates we recommend are 15 per session

Costs are provided upon enquiry and are inclusive of refreshments, all course handouts, assessments and certification.

Training Course Content - Aims and Objectives

Asbestos awareness training ensures candidates are made aware of the dangers associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibres through unknowingly coming into contact with asbestos materials.

This course is designed specifically to provide both knowledge and awareness of:

What is Asbestos?

  • Properties of asbestos
  • Risks to and effects on health caused by exposure to asbestos
  • General epidemiology and statistics

Where is it likely to be found?

  • Types of Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
  • Uses of ACMs
  • Areas where ACMs can be typically found

How to avoid the risks from Asbestos

  • Management of asbestos
  • Risk Assessments
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Asbestos Legislation and Guidance
  • Origins and current asbestos legislation
  • Legislative framework for managing ACMs
  • Brief overview of Regulations 4, 5 and 6

Training Assessment

  • Attainment of the learning outcome for the qualification will be assessed by a multiple choice examination consisting of questions under exam conditions.
  • A candidate will be required to achieve a score of at least 12 out of 15 (80%) in the examination.
  • Certification
  • Successful delegates will receive a ‘Category A – Asbestos Awareness Training’ certificate of attendance valid for 1 year.

Note that any workers who plan to carry out work which will knowingly disturb asbestos require a higher level of training, (Category B or C) which is not supplied by this course. This course does not allow you to work with asbestos containing materials.

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