Asbestos in Homes

Asbestos in Homes

Avanti Test and Remove Asbestos in Homes

Asbestos is no longer used as an integral fabric in the construction of homes, but up until the mid-twentieth century it was valued as an insulating agent and was regularly used for:

  • Ceiling tiles
  • Insulation for boilers, pipes, fireplaces and ducts
  • Flooring tiles
  • Roof shingles
  • Pipe cement
  • Joint compound on plasterboard

Once the health hazards of using asbestos in building homes emerged, it gradually fell out of use until finally, in 1999 it was became illegal to use it.

When Does Asbestos Become Hazardous?

When inert, or undisturbed, asbestos is not hazardous. It is dangerous only when the tiny microscopic fibres, of which it is made up, are disturbed and become airborne. Sustained inhalation of asbestos can cause respiritory problems, lung disease, lung cancer or mesothelioma. Asbestos tends to be released as a result of deteriorating insulation around boilers, or home improvements, or refurbishments.

Methods of Asbestos Testing

Houses built at any time in the twentieth century could contain asbestos. If you are worried about legacy insulation in your home, or you’re planning any major DIY or refurbishments, you will need to contact an asbestos management company. HSE certified specialists will then carry out a professional survey and, should asbestos be discovered, they will manage safe asbestos removal.

How Does Avanti Carry Out Asbestos Testing?

Avanti can provide HSE accredited third party consultants who will carry out an asbestos survey to identify whether asbestos has been found, the type of asbestos, its locations, and its condition. This will be ascertained through a visual investigation, and through the collection of samples which are sent off to labs for analysis and reporting.

What Happens if Asbestos is Found in my Home?

Asbestos removal increases the potential for fibres to become airborne and must always, therefore, be undertaken only by HSE trained and experienced professionals. Once the domestic asbestos removal is complete Avanti always follow through with a four stage process whereby the site is checked thoroughly before being certified for re-occupation.

Four Stage Post-Removal Certification

  • Stage OneAvanti asbestos specialists will check the site to ensure that the work has been completed satisfactorily.
  • Stage Two – A thorough visual inspection is carried out.
  • Stage Three – Air monitoring checks are initiated, to check the concentration of asbestos fibres in the environment.
  • Stage Four – Once the asbestos concentration falls within legal limits across the site, final checks are made and the area is certified as safe for habitation.

The Asbestos Legacy

Thankfully, we now know about the dangers of exposure to asbestos fibres, but the legacy will be with us for generations to come. Unfortunately there continue to be deaths caused by asbestos; around 5,000 workers die each year as a result of inhaling the fibres, and around 20 tradesmen die each week as a result of past inhalation. There are more deaths caused by asbestos each year, than by road accidents.

Asbestos is a killer, so it’s never worth taking a risk around it. If you’ve been concerned for a while about whether old boiler insulation contains asbestos, or you’ve recently undertaken home improvements and suspect you may have disturbed inert asbestos, it’s best to take action immediately.

Call Avanti straight away on0333 3355974 for a professional assessment of asbestos in your home.

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