Asbestos Testing Bristol

Asbestos Testing Bristol

Avanti Provides Asbestos Testing Bristol

Until the mid-twentieth century the use of asbestos was widely adopted in a range of sectors including construction, automobiles, and shipping. This fibrous mineral, first discovered by the Romans, was highly valued for its superior resistance to heat and fire, which made it an ideal component for building developers to use in ceilings, flooring, pipe lagging and central heating flues.

Asbestos Testing Bristol is Crucial

By the end of the twentieth century a huge body of evidence had accumulated, proving that microscopic asbestos fibres, when airborne, can cause chronic illnesses if inhaled. In 1999 the use of asbestos became illegal across the UK but the legacy of its widespread usage will be with us for generations to come.

Asbestos Found in Burned-Out Bristol Warehouse

Asbestos, if undisturbed, is not a health hazard, however the far-reaching effects of accidental exposure became clear in the fire at Yate warehouse on Beeches Industrial Estate in 2017. The blaze started by accident but HSE experts were called in when it was discovered that the asbestos had been found in the corrugated roof. In this instance, asbestos testing showed that the health risk was low.

How Does Asbestos Testing Work?

If you own a residential, commercial or industrial property that you think may contain asbestos, and you’re worried about exposing your family or workforce to its harmful effects, you should contact a professional HSE asbestos management expert. In most cases undisturbed asbestos isn’t a hazard, but if you’ve found evidence of the material, or you’re planning building works, you should certainly take precautions.

Asbestos Testing Methodology

Avanti uses highly skilled HSE accredited third party consultants, who carry out asbestos surveys, take samples, and oversee the safe removal and post-testing processes to ensure the safety of your premises.

  • Asbestos Survey – this helps property owners to manage asbestos. The survey will provide information on the location of any asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), the type of asbestos found, and the potential exposure risk given the condition of the materials.
  • Asbestos Sampling – as part of the survey, the HSE accredited third party consultants will take samples of the materials thought to contain asbestos. The samples will be sent off to labs for analysis and the results will be included in the report.
  • Asbestos Management – having ascertained the risk to health, Avanti will create a Management Plan to deal with any hazardous ACMs. This may well include the removal of asbestos from the property, by our HSE registered removal team.
  • Post-Removal Testing – once hazardous asbestos has been removed from your property Avanti will carry out air-monitoring testing to check that the concentration of microscopic fibres are below the HSE recommended limits.

Asbestos Testing Bristol Prior to Building Works

If property or premises owners are planning extensive refurbishment or demolition on sites that were constructed during the 20th century, a full asbestos survey will be necessary prior to commencement. Avanti can provide HSE accredited third party consultants to carry out an intrusive process of inspection, requiring access to all areas of the site, in order to be able to fully assess the levels and range of ASMs that will need to be managed as part of the building works.

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