Asbestos Removal Company for Welwyn Garden City

Asbestos Removal Company for Welwyn Garden City

A Professional and Reliable Asbestos Removal Company for Welwyn Garden City

The history of asbestos runs from 2,500BC when the bodies of embalmed Pharaohs were wrapped in asbestos cloth, through its emergence as a component of bank notes in Italy in the 1850s, to the discovery of its malign effects on the lungs when inhaled in the 1920s, and its eventual banning in the UK in 1999.

We still live with the legacy of this deadly material in our pipes, ceiling coatings, cold water storage tanks, floor tiles, outbuildings and garage roofs. Asbestos is not dangerous so long as it remains inert. Should the microscopic fibres be disturbed, however, they become airborne and can cause deadly lung diseases if inhaled.

Why Contact an Asbestos Removal Company?

If you suspect that you may have asbestos in your home it is imperative that you don’t try to investigate, test or remove it yourself. Asbestos requires professional handling and you should contact an asbestos removal contractor in Welwyn Garden City, such as Avanti. We have 20 years of experience in managing the safe removal of asbestos from both public and private buildings across the city. We are HSE licensed experts and if you have asbestos on the property we will guarantee that the health and safety of all residents will be treated as a priority throughout the process of extraction.

Advice and Support from an Asbestos Removal Company for Welwyn Garden City

We’re often asked where asbestos might be found in the home, and what kinds of buildings is it likely to have been used in. If you have any concerns you should pick up the phone to Avanti and we’ll be more than happy to offer advice and guidance, but these are the general guidelines we offer:

  • It was used in building material between 1930-80 so if your building was refurbished at this time it may contain asbestos.
  • It was used in electric storage heaters in 1976, and in flameless gas heaters up to 1988.
  • Older cookers may have asbestos filler ropes around the inside of the oven door.
  • Older plastic floor tiles, cushion flooring and roofing felts.

If you’re after an Asbestos Removal Company for Welwyn Garden City, call Avanti on 0333 3355974 today. We have worked with clients in Lemsford, Woolmer Green, Hatfield, Tewin, Panshanger and elsewhere.


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