Asbestos Testing in Welwyn

Asbestos Testing in Welwyn

Avanti Offers Asbestos Testing in Welwyn

There’s probably a few readers of this blog who remember when smoking was considered a great way to kill germs back in the 1950s. Doctors and nurses regularly smoked whilst treating patients, and some midwives even advocated smoking whilst delivering babies!

Now we know better, but we’re still living with the legacy of those misguided beliefs. Asbestos has a similar history to tobacco; until the 1930s it was seen as a miracle of nature providing a natural insulating material, that was fire resistant and absorbed sound. It took 60 years to finally prove the dangers of asbestos fibres when inhaled, and by then it was ‘hard wired’ into properties across the UK.

Asbestos Testing in Welwyn for Commercial and Domestic Sectors

Avanti offers the licensed removal of asbestos from properties in Welwyn. Given the dangerous nature of the substance, there is a highly regulated process for dealing with it, which begins with testing for asbestos.

Refurbishment and demolition survey – any scheduled demolition or refurbishment work must be preceded by asbestos testing to determine whether the building work is likely to disturb inert asbestos matter, creating an environmental hazard.

Asbestos management survey – for domestic clients seeking reassurance that as to the presence in their home of hazardous asbestos materials. Our HSE accredited third party consultants can diagnose any materials found and produce a detailed report on the risk it poses to people living in the property.

Asbestos Sample Testing in Welwyn Garden City

Sample testing forms part of the surveys determining whether or not your property contains hazardous asbestos. Asbestos sample testing in Welwyn Garden City comprises the extraction of a sample of surfaces suspected of containing the substance. These are then sent to our third party consultants’ UKAS accredited testing lab for analysis. The results of this process will provide clear scientific evidence, based on magnification, and chemical and mineral tools, of whether or not your property was built using asbestos as one of the construction materials.

Avanti is a highly recommended asbestos management service, working locally to make our environment cleaner and safer. If you have any concerns about asbestos, call us for clear advice and guidance on how to manage the process of testing for asbestos in Welwyn.

If you’re after Asbestos Testing in Welwyn, call Avanti on 0333 3355974 today. We have experience working with clients in Hatfield, Panshanger, Codicote, Sandridge, Waterford, Datchworth and elsewhere across Hertfordshire.


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