Asbestos Contractors for Hatfield

Asbestos Contractors for Hatfield

Professional, Licensed Asbestos Contractors for Hatfield

Asbestos may have been around for (literally) thousands of years, but it’s only as of recently that we’ve become aware of its dangers. Hence why even today, asbestos is still present in thousands of buildings across the UK and all over the world. Which of course needs to be dealt with, but sadly not every asbestos removal company operates to the same high-quality standards.

Given the sensitive nature of the job, all Hatfield asbestos removals must be under taken by those with the experience, expertise and licensing to guarantee a flawless result. Here at Avanti, we offer total peace of mind as standard with every service we carry out.

Full-Service Asbestos Contractors for Hatfield

We understand and acknowledge the fact that most property owners may be entirely unaware of how to find or identify asbestos around their buildings. From garage roofs to water tanks to floor tiles and even ceiling coatings, the truth is – it can be just about anywhere. Asbestos needn’t cause harm when intact and undisturbed, but anything that can lead to its fibres being released into the air constitutes a deadly threat to human health.

Which is why even when the material discovered appears to be relatively intact, it’s crucial to consult with an asbestos removal company as early as possible.

What Makes Our Asbestos Removal Company Different?

With over 20 years’ experience serving the local area, we know its buildings and businesses better than most. Our expertise extends to every aspect of asbestos detection and removal, which is always performed with the health and safety of those in the vicinity as our number-one priority. What’s more, as responsible and flexible asbestos removal contractors in Hatfield, we’re proud to offer the total customer service package from start to finish.

We can inspect your property from top to bottom for the presence of asbestos, looking in the kinds of places other surveyors often miss. What’s more, we’ll provide you with a full report of any asbestos we find, along with the options available to you. While full asbestos removal is often the best course of action, there are also methods for making asbestos safe without removal being necessary.

Does Your Building Contain Asbestos?

The only way of accurately determining whether there’s any trace of the material in your building is to organise a professional inspection. However, it is possible there will be asbestos in your building if any of the following apply:

  • If your property was built or refurbished between 1930 and 1980 when asbestos was most commonly used.
  • If you have storage heaters manufactured in the 1970s or before.
  • If your cooker of a flameless gas heater is more than a few decades old.
  • If your building features roofing or floor tiles manufactured between the 30s and 80s.

While none of these can be used to confirm the presence of asbestos, it’s crucial you speak to the professionals to organise an inspection. Should you suspect there is asbestos in your building, leave it exactly as it is and get in touch with Avanti immediately.

If you’re after Asbestos Contractors for Hatfield, call Avanti on 0333 3355974 today. We have experience working with clients in Welwyn Garden City, Welham Green, Potters Bar, Wheathampstead and other areas around Hertfordshire


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