What is an Asbestos Survey

What is an Asbestos Survey?

What is an Asbestos Survey?

Many of the clients we work with tell us they are unsure when an asbestos survey is needed, what it comprises, or how it could impact on a work or domestic environment. In this blog we’ll be providing answers to these questions and discussing the range of asbestos surveys available for businesses, landlords and homeowners.

What is an Asbestos Survey?

An asbestos survey takes the form of a property, or premises inspection carried out by a qualified asbestos specialist. In the majority of asbestos surveys the inspection is visual and non-disruptive. If the risk of asbestos being present is considered high, samples will be taken for further analysis. In surveys carried out prior to refurbishment or demolition, the inspection is more aggressive.

Are Asbestos Surveys Legally Required?

Domestic asbestos surveys tend to be carried out as part of the buying/selling process and are not legally required. Owners or managers of commercial premises built prior to the year 2000 are, however, legally required to carry out an asbestos survey. This is to ensure that employees, or visitors to your premises, are safeguarded from this hazardous material.

What Type of Asbestos Survey do I Need?

Avanti offers 3 types of asbestos survey:

1. Domestic Asbestos Survey Explained

A qualified asbestos specialist will visually inspect the domestic premises. The goal of the survey is to assess where there are asbestos containing materials (ACMS), what condition they are in, and whether they pose a risk to health. In the majority of cases, where ACMS have not been disturbed or damaged, they are not considered a risk to health. If there are damaged ACMs they will be sampled and may need to be professionally removed.

2. Management Survey Explained

A management survey will be carried out by a qualified asbestos specialist, with the aim of identifying ACMS and assessing the risk they pose to employees or visitors. The survey is visual and non-disruptive. It includes assessment of all areas where routine maintenance occurs. If ACMs are found they will need to be logged and a management plan initiated. If the ACMs pose a risk they will need to be sampled and may need to be professionally removed.

3. Refurbishment/Demolition Survey Explained

If you are planning a demolition, or major refurbishment works, it is mandatory to carry out a professional asbestos survey. It will be carried out by a qualified asbestos specialist and the building will need to be evacuated whilst they carry out the inspection. This is because that assessment involves disturbance and destruction of structures suspected of containing asbestos.

If ACMs are discovered, the surveyor will work to develop a plan to ensure that no-one is harmed by asbestos in the process of demolition or refurbishment. This will probably include the professional removal of ACMs by an HSE licensed company.

Avanti Provides Asbestos Surveys and Removals

Avanti is an HSE licensed asbestos removal and asbestos management company. We have over a decade of experience dealing with this hazardous material. All our employees are trained specialists with experience in a range of different locations and sectors. Our surveys are carried out in line with current UK legislation and HSE guidelines. We are confident that we provide the best and most reliable advice to companies and individuals dealing with asbestos.

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