Asbestos Testing in Hertford

Asbestos Testing in Hertford

Asbestos Testing in Hertford

It wasn’t long ago that most of the world fully believed that alcohol was good for you. More recently, we were pretty much begged by the government to buy diesel cars for the sake of the environment.

From tobacco to cocaine and a near-endless list of other substances, it’s safe to say we’ve made a fair few inaccurate presumptions of safety along the way. The problem with asbestos is that as its use dates back thousands of years, discovering its dangers as recently as the 80s meant it was already a huge part of the world we live in, which it is – hence the importance of professional Asbestos surveys in Hertford and removal where necessary.

Testing for Asbestos in Hertford

Avanti is proud to offer full-service Asbestos Sample Testing in Hertford, both for commercial and domestic customers alike. One of the biggest problems with asbestos is the way in which those who may be affected by it are often unaware of its presence. Used as a building and insulating material in the construction of thousands of properties, it tends to stay hidden behind the scenes until identified by the experts. Though generally safe when left undisturbed, asbestos that deteriorates & breaks down or is damaged in any way can pose a potentially fatal health risk.

Our fully licenced asbestos removal services begin with comprehensive inspection and testing. If you live or work in a Hertford property that was built more than a few decades ago, there’s a strong chance of asbestos having been used. Particularly if it was built in the 1930s to 1950s, during which time asbestos was seen as something of a ‘gold standard’ among building materials. As you may not be able to identify asbestos personally, we highly recommend calling in the experts.

Renovations and Demolition

It’s particularly important to seek professional asbestos testing in Hertford if planning to go about any renovations or demolition work. Once again, it’s when asbestos is disturbed or damaged that it releases its potentially deadly fibres into the air. Even something as simple as drilling a panel or tearing down a wall could prove lethal if asbestos is present.

In order to eliminate such risk, the Avanti team can offer you a comprehensive asbestos inspection and testing service for your Hertford property. As experts in the field with long-term experience, we know exactly where to look and how to look for evidence of asbestos in the region’s properties. Where detected, we’ll test samples from the property and advise you on the available removal and/or containment options accordingly.

Whatever it takes to make your property safe, you can count on Avanti.

We’ve built our reputation on providing affordable, accessible and always-reliable asbestos testing and commercial & domestic removal services. For more information or to discuss organising an inspection of your property, get in touch with the Avanti customer service team today.

If you’re after Asbestos Testing in Hertford, call Avanti on 0333 3355974 today. We have experience working with clients in Ware, Waterford, Hertingfordbury, Hertford Heath, Bramfield, Tewin, Great Amwell and elsewhere across Hertfordshire.


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